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Mythical Jesus: 034: Walking on Water

Today we are in Mark 6:45-52 and exploring the first instance in the scriptural timeline where Jesus walks on water.  The main take away is to reinforce one of the points of the previous episode , which is that the Christ narrative seems to utilize Christ as symbolic of “the way” or leaning into awaken-ness […]

Mythical Jesus: 033: Five Loaves & Two Fishes

Today we are in Mark 6:30-44 and the feeding of the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes.  We discuss the balance between self care and serving others and how even Jesus was being pushed and pulled in his navigation of such.  We then discuss the feeding of the 5000 as a symbolic of the […]

Mythical Jesus: 031: Ego and the Formless

Ego needs to create nice clean boxes for everything to fit in.  It ties itself to forms to identify you and all around you.  Today we discuss that and use Mark 6:7-13 to discuss this.  We also borrow a section from Oprah Winfrey’s podcast SuperSoul Conversations where she sits with Eckhart Tolle to discuss his […]

Mythical Jesus: 027: Faith Crisis and Other Bad Words

Please consider Donating today to support this work and to help this podcast sustain long into the future.  Simply go to and click donate today.  Please consider.  Thank You!! Today we discuss the idea of the phrase faith crisis.  What it allows your religious tribe to do and how it may not be helpful […]

Mythical Jesus: 025: Parables Spoken With Silence

In Episode 25 we explore Jesus’ use of parables and how using parables offers flexibility for the audience to learn based on their own stage of development.  We hit on the idea that Jesus interpretation is given to his apostles and closest disciples of which the author of these gospels was not present for.  That […]