Mythical Jesus: 017: Jordan Peterson – Swimming in Mystery

Today we take a 2 minute 45 second soundbite from Jordan Peterson and give voice to the mystery he speaks of.  We also talk about other voices in this space and why, as various religions battle ideologically over who has the truth and whose view is right, the literal rigid dogmatic dive into the scriptures is the least useful way of interacting with these stories.  There is something within us that craves the mystery of this universe and the cosmos.  There is something within us that that senses that there is truth there and it is not expressed best by those who define it and or those who built theological walls around it.  Rather it seems expressed best by those who who know it can not be defined.  It can not be spoken or labeled and that the best way to approach it is to walk around the edges of it knowing it is in the end unknowable.


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