3446_Microphone_TrophyThis is a master list of all audio episodes accessible to the general public by date of release.  Please enjoy.

Complete Episode Archive by Month

2018-11 (November)
    Stages of Faith: South Edmonton Alliance
    Stages of Faith: Adam Ellis
    Stages of Faith: Rock Creek
    Mythical Jesus: 019: Finding Friends outside Ethnocentricity

2018-10 (October)
    Mythical Jesus: 018: Self Care
    Mythical Jesus: 017: Jordan Peterson - Swimming in Mystery
    Mythical Jesus: 016: Mark 3:4-6 Anger, Sadness, and Defiance

2018-09 (September)
    Mythical Jesus: 015: Mark 3:1-3 Look for the Helpers
    Mythical Jesus: 014: Mark 2:23-28 Lord of Sabbath and All Other Rules

2018-08 (August)
    Mythical Jesus: 013: Mark 2:18-22 Old Wine and New Wineskins
    The Mythical Jesus: 012: Mark 2:13-17 Those Who Know

2018-07 (July)
    The Mythical Jesus: 011: Human Development
    The Mythical Jesus: 010: Mark 2:6-7 Can We Not All Forgive
    The Mythical Jesus: 009: Mark 2:3-5 Perceiving Perspectives

2018-06 (June)
    The Mythical Jesus: 008: Mark 1:41 Moved With Compassion
    The Mythical Jesus: 007: Mark 1:35 Contemplation turns to Awareness

2018-05 (May)
    The Mythical Jesus: 006: Mark 1:22 As One Who Has Authority

2018-04 (April)
    Faith Development Explained
    The Mythical Jesus: 005: Mark 1:12 Called Into The Wilderness
    The Mythical Jesus: 004: Mark 1:9-11 Jesus' Baptism Was His Experience
    The Mythical Jesus: 003: Mark 1:7 Are We Ready to Be Pointed Elsewhere
    The Mythical Jesus: 002: Mark 1:6 Peculiarity of Inside or Outside The Group
    The Mythical Jesus: 001: Mark 1:3 Prepare the Way

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