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The Mythical Jesus: 002: Mark 1:6 Peculiarity of Inside or Outside The Group

In Episode 2 of “The Mythical Jesus: Taking the Christ of Faith Seriously” we tackle the peculiarity of John the Baptist.  Specifically his garb and eating habits.  We talk about how first hearing of John’s strangeness we chuckle and think how weird that must of been.  But digging a little deeper we can use this as a good place to discuss In-Group/Out-Group dynamics and how almost every religion has dress standards, dietary restrictions, and a unique vocabulary that sets them apart from the world.

In this We will utilize the New Living Translation to take advantage of its contemporary language if for no other reason.  The mission of this podcast is to help listeners explore the deep shift from Ego-Centricity to Cosmic-Centricity while also coming to a deeper appreciation of the Jesus of the New Testament as an incredible example of what that development looks like.



3 thoughts on “The Mythical Jesus: 002: Mark 1:6 Peculiarity of Inside or Outside The Group”

  1. Bill, these are great. You got me off on a historical scriptures tangent (wow!) with David Bokovoy and other podcasts last summer. these are great, thanks! I know some lose faith, but this just reorganized my faith and knowledge of what we do and don’t know and how we revise things to make the stories better, our group better, and the prior histories from which we draw and build upon. I want to donate as soon as I can get my finances a bit more straight.

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