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Mythical Jesus: 013: Mark 2:18-22 Old Wine and New Wineskins

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Today we tackle Mark Chapter 2:18-22 where Jesus is asked why his disciples don’t fast as the Pharisees do and even as the disciples of John the baptist do?  His response seems slightly disconnected from the question and we explore that but the parable Jesus shares in responses have great meaning on their own to make it a gold mine to explore.  New cloth patches on old cloth outfits and new wine in old wine skins.  What happens when those stuck in rigidity meet those who are adapting and growing.


1 thought on “Mythical Jesus: 013: Mark 2:18-22 Old Wine and New Wineskins”

  1. Bill
    Good article by John piper in1995
    Explains old fasting in prep of the coming of the messiah and a new fasting after he has left
    Which relates to new and old cloth and new wine.
    It all has to do w the purpose of the fast which changes pre and post Christ’s mortal ministry
    Search Jan 8 1995
    Excellent question you raise in podcast

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