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Mythical Jesus: 014: Mark 2:23-28 Lord of Sabbath and All Other Rules

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Today we get to the end of the 2nd chapter of Mark and dissect versus 23 to 28.  Here Jesus disciples are eating the grain heads on the Sabbath as they travel through fields.  The Pharisees see them doing such and ask Jesus about his disciples’ behavior.    Jesus helps us with his answer see that while in a past stage of development we deeply need community rules and boundaries, in later stages we develop a deep inner morality that allows us to navigate the world without being bound to such rule based systems and the rules within them.


2 thoughts on “Mythical Jesus: 014: Mark 2:23-28 Lord of Sabbath and All Other Rules”

  1. In those days the farmers left the corners of the field unharvested for the poor to have. So the “sin” want stealing but doing it on Sabbath.

    1. except that Peter wasn’t poor. He almost assuredly ran a fishing operation with others working for him (the scriptures indicate as much). We also have biblical archaeology and history pointing us to Peter having a decent sized home. He almost assuredly wasn’t poor though his circumstance at the time may be different knowing he set all aside for a time for the ministry. I am only pointing to this not being as cut and dry as we think.

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