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Mythical Jesus: 022: Truth Takes Centuries

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Today we are in Mark 4: 21-25.  We often think when we have Truth on our side or more importantly when we have Wisdom on our side that putting such truth or wisdom out into the world, it will readily be accepted.  Truth be told, such is almost never the case.  Most people being in ethnocentricity don’t have ears to hear or eyes to see such wisdom.  They prefer the the authorities within their system and they prefer to be bound by comfortable beliefs rather than truth.  Our expectation is unfounded.  Truth and wisdom spreads slowly through multiple voices and vehicles and takes decades if not centuries to take hold.   Jesus of Nazareth seems to grasp this and seems to operate with the understanding that his responsibility is to share wisdom and that such wisdom will rarely be utilized in the moment and that sharing such comes with grave risks.


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