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Mythical Jesus: 034: Walking on Water

Today we are in Mark 6:45-52 and exploring the first instance in the scriptural timeline where Jesus walks on water.  The main take away is to reinforce one of the points of the previous episode , which is that the Christ narrative seems to utilize Christ as symbolic of “the way” or leaning into awaken-ness and how when we perceive problems we are in as having no solution, simply living brings solutions to those problems to pass.


1 thought on “Mythical Jesus: 034: Walking on Water”

  1. This is powerful stuff. Thank you. Thinking of meditation as a part of prayer has me thinking differently. I am going to meditate. I imagine this is part of what Enos did for all those hours or how a person poured out his whole soul. I also firmly believe that Christ opens the way even if it seems blocked. Best wishes.

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