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Mythical Jesus Podcast: 037: Elise Brown – Refinding Jesus for the First Time

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I sit down with a dear friend, Elise Brown, to discuss her deconstruction of the unhealthy spiritual system she was raised in seemingly letting go of Jesus.  As she embarks on the Human Journey and get curious about science, Buddhism, Witchcraft, as well as other spiritual and secular systems, she keeps feeling the invitation of Jesus.  Finally after seeming to hit dead ends in each of these systems and in her personal life she embarks on tackling the New Testament but with new eyes, laying down all the interpretations she was handed and the limited lens which she was handed to see the world.  In the end does it may matter if something is true if it works, if it helps, if it gives us purpose and peace? And maybe that is the very kind of true we should have been concerned with the whole time.


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